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le vieux Bras

is situated on the rolling hills of the Provence close to the Alps at the department of the Alpes de Haute Provence (see Google Maps).

On a total surface of 9,72 Ha, the rebuilded ruins of the village at an altitude of 600 meters provides stunning views on 2 different valleys of which one valley with a view on the river Asse. In the village different parcels are waiting to be rebuild.

The Church is completely rebuild and is actually used as a multifunctional space for parties, concerts and exhibition room. The tallest building, the chateau is also com-pletely rebuild and contains 17 studios and 3 tower rooms along with a common dining room and kitchen for rental to groups up to 40 people.
Opposite to the Castle, 3 houses are waiting to be finished and can be used for many purposes.

On the level of the ramparts, 17 parcels remain available for refurbishment.

Detailed realized patrimony
   Surface area Bras d'Asse

Area of 9.72 ha, of which + / - 1.5 ha "built" and more than 8 acres partly wooded, partly olive trees, some vague ground, cemetery (protected).



Roman church with clock tower, toilets and showers, side chapel
“Presbytère ancient” (next to church)
Church Square with a unique view of the valley
Chateau with 17 studios and three tower rooms, public areas (dining room, cafeteria room, industrial kitchen, sanitary and storage room)
Terraces by the castle
Pool on a reinforced concrete plate; possibility of finishing concrete pool
Houses opposite the castle:
No. 28: structure + shutters
No. 29: structure + shutters
No. 30: almost finished, windows, doors, only still a bathroom.
Houses on "la grande rue"
No. 1: "Mairie", first floor
No. 2: house of the baker: oven + (3 levels)
No. 4: house behind the Church: basement vault + storey
No. 5: house behind the Church: basement vault + storey
No. 6, 7 and 8: masonry
Potential construction locations (the rampart and other unique locations)
Drinking Water Reservoir 18 m³
Water Pump House (distance +/- 300 m, 90 m in height)
Sewage to wastewater treatment plant via eastern and western side.
Electricity cab
Immaterial patrimony

With the approval and support of the local commune a 'plan masse ' (urban developement) was granted to the SCI by the Authority to construct +/- 32 houses , community facilities, the rebuilding of the church and chateau and the construction and connection of water, sewerage, electricity and telephone.

Unique Setting

  • Superb vistas
  • One sees and experience the grandeur and power of Nature
  • It is a special Energy spot !
  • Silence area
  • Ideal for reflection and for finding oneself in unity with nature
  • Swimming pool
  • Unique surroundings and many places of interest to be visited such as the Gorges du Verdon, Gorges du Trévans, Entrevennes (La géographie sécrète de la Provence, the geographical heart of the Provence)
  • The Temple route
  • The fossil route (route du temps)
  • Prehistorical sites
  • Botanical gardens
  • Thermal bathing at Digne les Bains (25 km) and Greoux les Bains (40 km)
  • Marseille (Marignane airport) at 120 km
  • Aix-en-Provence + TGV-railwaystation at 100 km

It is “the spot” to unwind from our hectic society in one of the least crowded regions in France. Stressless environment !

Follow the “Route du Temps” or the fossil route, and reconnect with prehistorical times. Visit the Museum of Prehistory in Quinson.

You will find lots of ruins, signs and symbols referring to Roman civilization and the Temple order in this region.

Many walking routes will allow to discover stunning views an mighty Nature. Tracking, Biking, Parapente, Rafting are just a couple of additional opportunities for leisure.

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